From tennis courts, clubhouses and parking lots to car dealerships warehousing/office space and body shops, TE can provide photometrics for your project and ensure the proper lighting layout and design is implemented.  You can rest assured that you have the optimal amount of light, color temperature, fixtures, and controls for your needs and setting.

Small Business


Typically considered to begin around 100 kw/hr usage, the small business market is where we really excel.  We provide hands-on informative consulting with the business owner to discuss the optimal solution for their unique application.  We provide flexible installation schedules that work around peak business operations and oversee the entire process so you can focus on what you do best- running your



Full Service Electrical

The Experienced and intelligent Master Electrician partners at Turnkey can troubleshoot, and repair any electrical issues you may be having.  Tenant Build Outs and remodels are where we thrive as a dependable electrical and lighting partner.   

We also offer full service Electric Vehicle Charging station specifications and installations. 


Turnkey Efficiency is a responsive, honest, and dedicated lighting consultant and project manager that understands the importance of prompt and accurate attention to its clients' unique requirements and timelines.  We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers and allies. 

We are a local Front Range company that thrives on effective and honest communication while focusing on customer throughout the entire process.  We leverage our unique relationships with the industry’s top LED manufactures to maximize the quality of the product while minimizing cost exposure to our customers. We then oversee the installation with one of our trusted installers or use one of the clients' selection. When a customer comes to us with questions about the advantages or challenges of switching to LED, we take the time to investigate and discuss all of the various options with you.


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TE will serve as a liaison between you and your local utility provider to maximize the rebate potential for your specific project.  We will ensure you get the maximum allowable rebate for your project and ensure timely redemption of the available rebate.


We are partnered with various energy efficiency financing programs in the region and can help guide you toward financing options that may be right for you.  Your success is our success. 

Lighting supply and recycling

Let Turnkey Efficiency supply your next job with top of the line lighting, lighting controls, and old lighting recycling options. Call today!